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Scouring the planet to bring you some of the most intriguing emulsions available.
Some films have their own page - others just take you to the order form.

Caffenol Concoction Natural Alternative Film Developer [kromiəm] 500 - High Speed Color Slide Film
Kodak "Holographic" B&W Film SO-253
Eastman Kodak Fine Grain B&W Movie Film - 20 exposure rolls
35mm Polaroid High Definiteion 200 Def1
Imation Scotch Color 100 C-41 100ft Bulk Roll
Eastman Kodak Fine Grain B&W Movie Film - 100ft Bulk rolls
Kodak RPC Kodak Ektachrome 64T Tungsten E6 Slide Film Cinerad FT419X - ISO 40 B&W cineradiographic film 35mm Kodak Ektacolor Pro Gold 160 GPX C-41 Print Film
Maco UP 400 plus 35mm B&W from Germany
35mm Kodak REPRO 2566 ISO 1.5 - Ultra High Contrast Ortho Reproduction film
VALCA GFP - 35mm B&W Cinematic film from Spain
Gevaert Copex Pan Rapid 13 (perforated)
ORWO Pan NP 7 35mm B&W film ASA 400
ORWO PC7 35mm film
Perutz Perpantic 17 ~ 35mm film
Kodak HCP 5369 AGFA Agfachrome CRD Dupe Slide Film ORWO NP20 Medium Format 120 Film ORWO Color NC3: Vintage Soviet East German Negative Film
35mm Lucky 200 Aerial Chinese Spy Film
Blackout film from Labeauratoire
Labeauratoire: Plus-X 5231 Cinematic 35mm Film
Kodak Hawkeye 400 Traffic Surveillance Color Film
Eastman E5360DMP - 35mm B&W Transparency Film Kodalith Super High Contrast Orthographic Film Experimentation Pack ORWO NP55
VariCath Vari-X Cineradiographic Film Fujicolor IT-N 6 Ilford Mark V
Kodak Aerecon II 3404 with extended red sensitivity.
Eastman Double-X Velvia RVM 8540 35mm film Eastman Ektachrome 7239 - 35mm film Polypan F 50 Professional
Svema MZ-3 Eastman High Contrast SO-331 Tura Pan Line Film Phoenix Redscale 35mm Film
Ferrania FG200
Ferrania FG400i
ORWO Pan 400

SCOTCH Chrome 100 Kodak Low Contrast "Space Film" SO-355 ORWO N74 Plus Svema DS-5M Soviet Color Film

  Soon I will have a full and diverse online shop with more films, cameras and even some artwork so keep in touch!
All images are Lance Aram Rothstein and not to be used without permission.