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Another Discontinued Chrome Film

>> Ektachrome 64T EPY <<<
35mm Color E-6 Tungsten Slide Film
expired 10/1999 but still giving good results.
  ISO 64 - Balanced for Tungsten Light
2 rolls 20 exposures ea. = $15.00 (USD)

contact me for special or combined shipping

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    Here is another rescued remnant from the long list of Kodak casualties. Discontinued prior to 2013, this slide film is a fine grain emulsion balanced for artificial tungsten light. great for shooting indoors or for producing moody blue/cyan transparencies in daylight. Many people chose to use the Kodak Wratten 85B or similar warming filter to attain more natural colors as seen below, but I'm really enjoying the feeling from these cooler tone images. It can also give very interesting results when cross-processed!

A quick adjustment of white balance gives more natural colors.

this is similar to results that can be attained using warming filters.

This batch expired 10/1999 but is still giving some very nice results as you can see.

Here's what Kodak had to say about it:
"This medium-speed color transparency film features
excellent color reproduction, very fine grain, and very high
sharpness. It is designed for exposure with tungsten
illumination (3200 K). The film is an excellent choice for
photographing products, room interiors, titles, and
artwork. Primary applications include catalog, furniture,
and architectural photography, and copying."

You can read their complete data sheet on this film HERE.

You can see more pictures shot with this, and other unique films in the: LABEAURATOIRE FLICKR GROUP

Here's your chance to try out this rare film. I'm making a very limited number of rolls available for your experimenting pleasure. 

  I'm keeping these rolls inexpensive by re-using old film cassettes and sticking on an artsy label I've made just so you know what's inside. Using a bulk loader I made rolls of approximately 20 exposures each, sometimes a bit more or less and as with most bulk loaded film the very last picture of each roll will not be exposed as that is where it is taped. This is NOT a stock product from Kodak and I am not proporting to represent that fine company in any manner.

My examples were all shot with my
: Black Royal Robot 24 24x24 35mm camera and a Chrome Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 45mm ƒ2.8 lens. They were developed at my local photo lab as normal E-6 Slide Film.

Auto white balance adjusted after scanning.

CAMERA: Black Royal Robot 24   LENS: Chrome Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 45mm ƒ2.8


All images are Lance Aram Rothstein and not to be used without permission.