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>>> Ilford Mark V <<<
20 exposures - B&W Print Film  -  expired 1979
ISO 400
- DX CODED 400 -
3 rolls = $21.00 (USD)
contact me for special or combined shipping

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Here is another rare find. This vintage English black & white film was only produced for a short while at the Ilford factory in Essex before they abandoned this line for the newly intoduced HP5 emulsion in 1976 which was a great improvement. Marketed as an inexpensive movie film for amateurs, some say the Mark V or "MKV" was actually the codename for the unused test / research batches for the HP5 film. Either way, this film was never released in normal 35mm cassettes (to my knowledge) so this is the first time they're available in still camera cassettes.
The film seems to have held on to its sensitivity better than some other old films I've tested. I got acceptable results rating it at ISO 400 and slightly better when rating at 200 depending on conditions.
It does appear to have aquired some base fog with age as many old films do, but a decent scanner or enlarger can cut through it to reveal all the grainy goodness hidden within.
Yes, this is a film with large grain structure similar to what you'd find in a modern 1600 speed film. So if you're looking for that grainy 1970s look then look no further, this is pretty nitty-gritty!

These examples were developed in Caffenol (instant coffee & washing soda) so you're likely to get even better results with D-76 or Rodinal or just about any other B&W film developer.Try out this awesome emulsion for yourself.

    I'm keeping these rolls inexpensive by re-using old film cassettes and sticking on an artsy label I've made just so you know what's inside. Using a bulk loader I made rolls of approximately 27 exposures each, sometimes a bit more or less and as with most bulk loaded film the very last picture of each roll will not be exposed as that is where it is taped. This is NOT a stock product from Ilford and I am not proporting to represent that fine company in any manner. This film is DX coded to 400 but I can provide it with the code covered if you sepcify in your order.

My Examples: The square shots were shot with a Minolta 24 Rapid 24x24 camera and developed Caffenol for 17 min at 20șc. (light sepia tone added in Photoshop)

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All images are © Lance Aram Rothstein and not to be used without permission.