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>>> ORWO NP55 <<<
35mm B&W Film - ISO 55
- no DX code - 20 exposures
1 roll = $10.00 (plus shipping)
fewer than 5 rolls remaing

contact me for special or combined shipping

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    This is some of the rarest film you'll ever see. It is a Fine Grain B&W Motion Picture stock but works perfectly in most 35mm still cameras. (it has no DX code) 
I have tested this film with different cameras and different developers. You can see the results in the photos shown here.

    You may not be able to make it out in the images but the non-emulsion side of this film is a dark purple color.

    There is little or no information available about this unique emulsion. I believe it was originally rated around ISO 80 but since it is more than 20 years old I have been shooting it at about ISO 55 which is convenient since it's called "NP55." Depending on how you develop it you could easily shoot at ASAs from 40 to 64 with similar results and I'm sure it could be pushed to 800 with an interesting outcome.

    Made by ORWO - (Original Wolfen) in the DDR - Soviet East Germany and expired in 1992.

    My Examples:
=> The sepia shots were made with a ZENIT Automat Camera (ЗЕНИТ - Автомат) from the 1980s and a 50mm Helios (Гелиоc) 44K-4 lens and developed in Caffenol for about 35 min. at 25 C.
=> The B&W shots were made with an Olympus Trip 35 and developed at my local lab using standard B&W development.
=> The shots with white borders are silver prints made from the negatives in my darkroom using AGFA Rodinal Special.

    This film is from a cinematic bulk roll I purchased from a seller in Bulgaria. I spooled it into used 35mm cassettes and made labels copied from the label on the original film canister. Each roll is approximately 22 exposures. As with most bulk-rolled film, the last shot of each roll will not come out properly as it is taped to the spool. Also you can expect some interesting anomalies with this long-expired film.

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