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>>> Eastman Super-XX <<<
B&W Panchromatic Nitrate Film
27 exposures -  expired 1940s
ISO 3-12
3 rolls = $22.00 (USD)


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Here is another rare vintage find. This is some of the oldest film I have ever shot with. I took a chance on some old dingy cans of film and was surprised when the film inside looked like new!
Nitrate film was what most of the silent movies were shot on up until the 1940s when "Safety Film" was introduced. Safety film was much less flammable but many say it never gave quite the same look as the old nitrate films. So here's your chance to shoot on this classic emulsion.
Originally the film speed was around ISO 200 but after more than 60 years in storage it has lost alot and gained quite a significant amount of base fog. I had success shooting it at ISO speeds between 3 and 12 depending on processing.
You can see varying results with different developers. I have had success so far with Rodinal 1+100 and HC-110 (B) - but I'll be trying out other developers soon and posting more results here as well.
For safety purposes, do not store this film (even after developed) at tempratures above 85f. and do not keep negatives under an enlarger lamp for extended periods of time.

    I'm keeping these rolls inexpensive by re-using old film cassettes and sticking on an artsy label I've made just so you know what's inside. Using a bulk loader I made rolls of approximately 27 exposures each, sometimes a bit more or less and as with most bulk loaded film the very last picture of each roll will not be exposed as that is where it is taped. This is NOT a stock product from Eastman Kodak and I am not proporting to represent that fine company in any manner. This film has no DX code so you will need a camera than can be set to a very slow film speed or use manual exposure.

My B&W examples were shot with a Canon EOS Elan7ne and developed in Rodinal 1+100 for 20 min at 20c. The Sepia examples were shot with the same camera but developed in caffenol for about 15min at 20c.

All images are Lance Aram Rothstein and not to be used without permission.