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>> ORWO UN 54 <<<
35mm B&W Film - ISO 100
- NO DX code - 20 exposures
2 rolls = $15.00 (plus shipping)
contact me for special or combined shipping

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    This is fairly new cinematic film from ORWO in Germany. I think this may have been some of the last film made before FilmoTec took over the company. The 100ft cans I bought do not say "FilmoTec" anywhere on the can and had "ORWO AG" marked out on the label. This film is from a long tradition of fine photographic emulsions going back to 1910 and is still made on the site of the original factory in Wolfen. (OR WO comes from Original Wolfen) It is a black and white Motion Picture stock but works perfectly in most 35mm still cameras.  Previously only sold in large cans of 100 or 400 feet, I have cut it down in to convenient rolls of aproximately 20 exposures. Perfect for experimenting with this rarely-seen emulsion.

I have tested this film and you can see the results in the photos shown here.

ORWO Says:
ORWO Universal Negative Film UN 54 is a panchromatic medium speed black-and-white negative camera film for both outdoor and indoor usage.
According to the ORWO Instruction 4185 the UN 54 film can be processed as black and white reversal film and be used to produce direct positives.

You can see their data sheet HERE.

    My Examples:
=> I have shot this film in many cameras and had excellent results developing in Labeauratoire's Caffenol Concoction. But of course it will also work with most other normal B&W developers.  These images were shot with a Minolta 24 Rapid which shoots square 24x24 images on 35mm film. I have added a sepia tone to some of the ones developed in coffee.

Here is a link to the ORWO films section of the Massive Dev Chart.

    This film is from a cinematic bulk roll I've spooled into used 35mm cassettes and made artsy labels based on the label on the original film canister - just so you'll know what's inside. Each roll is approximately 20 exposures. As with most bulk-rolled film, the last shot of each roll will not come out properly as it is taped to the spool.


All images are Lance Aram Rothstein and not to be used without permission.